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Passionate About Helping Others

My journey into personal growth begun when life brought about the lessons I needed, to start questioning my way of thinking and my beliefs. Through the discomfort came the desire for change. Through the desire for change came the determination to do the work. Through doing the work came everything I needed to find freedom in my own existence, personally and professionally. This motivated me to find a way to help others attain the same freedom.

Where Did It All Start

As I built my career in some of the largest multinationals in the world,  such as Amazon, Dell, and PepsiCo; I had the privilege to manage corporate initiatives such as Women's Leadership Circles and Center of Excellence Initiatives. I went on to become a Trainer on Process Improvement Systems (Lean Six Sigma) and finally, I went on to lead a corporate Coaching and Mentoring Program to help others fine-tune and expand their skillset. Seeing the results coaching created, I became interested in creating such results in all aspects of life. As my career progressed I used coaching to help my direct reports and extended teams work better together and achieve complex business outcomes. I transitioned more fully into Coaching as a profession when I started my Master's Degree in Coaching in 2018. This is when I began supporting people who wanted to find their path in life, create a success mindset, achieve their career aspirations, and pursue their dreams.

My Beliefs and Values

I believe that everyone has the ability to create a fulfilled life following their own unique path, so I created FindYou hoping to have the privilege to be your companion in this life journey. I am here to help you move beyond your limitations, help you discover your path in life and career, create your peace, achieve alignment between your mind and heart. I value evolution, kindness, empathy, and each person's right to be unique. I allow these values to be my compass in life and in business. Being deliberate about my values allowed me to create more of what I want in my life and I aim to help you create more of what you want in yours.


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